Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sleepwalking experiences ..


Have you ever walked in your sleep? Or dreamed that you were doing something and found that you actually were? I'm interested in your experiences. I'm mainly interested in adults 18+ but to start with anyone can write in.

Describe what happened?
Does it happen often?
What time of night does it happen?
How long has an episode lasted?
Was alcohol involved?
Or drugs?
Does it run in the family?
Did you do it as a child?
What sparked it off as an adult?

The longer the more the complex the more I'm interested?
For those needing help let me know if you want some help pages set up

Here's a form to make it easier to answer the questions

(I'm a UK sleep researcher who also does medico-legal work - more info - you can also 'contact' me through that site.)

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